Is it safe to sell your iPhone?

Recently there have been a lot of press speculations on whether it is save to resell used cell phones. Especially in today’s day and age with the technology progressively moving forward and cellphones ultimately becoming the on-the-go personal computers the question of privacy is on the rise.

Many are particularly concerned that smart mobile devices might be caring tracking data that can be easily mishandled and exploited if gotten in the wrong hands.  The truth is however that our basic phone information, call and texting history has been kept recorded and archived with our telecommunication carriers for years now. Yet only in the recent days when smart technology has gone mass market the so question of privacy turned into a media scandal.

So what are the proper steps to take in order to sell iPhone without posing a threat to your information and/or privacy?

  1. First thing to is to backup iPhone data. This can be done by simply connecting iPhone device with the USB cord and launching iTunes, after which right clicking iPhone icon to get to the “backup” option.
  2. Once the data is backed up you’re free to delete all information on your iPhone, by accessing the Reset option in the Settings menus, and then tapping to “Erase all content and Settings” for complete removal of all your information.
  3. Although it is a completely personal preference as to how one chooses to sell their used devices, yet in terms of privacy it is better to avoid person-to-person transections since these usually lack documentations that could potentially be needed in case of any fraudulent activity. Stick to organizations.
  4. When choosing an organizations to sell your used device to, some companies set guarantees and/or agreements assuring that every bit of information will be deleted and will not be used, sold and rented to any third party. This information you can always find either in the How it Works, Privacy Policy or Term of Services pages.

Cesar N

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