Got YouTube? Not Really.

The recent news stories in the world of smart phones, confirmed that Apple will no longer sell iPhone and iPad devices with the formerly pre-installed YouTube app. Which for many users this might come as a surprise others are actually particularly happy for this agreement to have ended.

Although neither of the two technological giants –Apple or Google- discloses much of the detailed information about the circumstances of YouTube app departure/disappearance; the Internet audience sparks the conversations on whether this could be a win-win situation for both.

Five years ago when the agreement between the two companies was signed, for Apple it meant an ultimate promotion of their product, as the iOS YouTube app would come advertising free. With this however, Apple became responsible for the development of YouTube app, which as a result YouTube experience on Apple’s devices has been rather different and even limited. Some vloggers of YouTube knowing that they are unable to collect revenue from advertising have even chosen not to allow their video content on Apple products.

Although it’s been a positive thing for Google to have YouTube embedded with the Apple devices for extra branding exposure, Google’s services don’t really need Apple for promotion; it is a self-advertising, sustainable worldwide phenomenon. Now that the deal has finally expired it will not only open doors for Google to monetize million of smart phone user but also improve the YouTube app that will now be available to download for Apple users.

Unlike a million pointless apps that may dissolve into nothingness in Apple store, YouTube is widely popular, and the fans will seek it even if Apple won’t sell laptops, iphones, ipad devices pre-loaded with it.

And as for Apple, this might be just another opportunity to introduce its own video-screaning app, which is an obvious response to a rising competitive pressures between the two media giants; this already has been spotted as a trend with Apple’s introduction of Siri, a search-by-voice feature as well as Apple Maps.


Cesar N

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