What are Some of the Most Annoying Apps Out There?

Yan Tik Photography

There is nothing more irritating than when your most frequently used mobile applications fail you in the time when you most need them. According to the studies conducted by Pew Internet, approximately half of American adults are now smartphone users. Which should mean that it is in the interest of major technological powerhouses to sell iPhone and Android devices with their default application of high performance quality. However, people often find themselves thinking otherwise.

While it is a clear fact that mobile applications have changed the way we manage our day-to-day errands, and many can proudly say “Salut to Spotify” & “Hooray Pandora”, yet still many of most utilized phone features drive masses to annoyance.

One of the worlds biggest social networks Facebook, have its users at frustration with its mobile app glitch tendencies. It is so often that the notification just don’t sync up with already checked ones that frequently we find our phones swamped with already old news.  Not to mention if trying to click through different menus too quickly the application is inevitably doomed to crash.

Now Siri, was a good try for sure, especially for Apple to finally sell iPhone technology that would break into the “search” markets. But how really helpful is the app if it can’t manage to decipher the accents or various English dialects of its diversified audience.

The list could go on for long with email apps not synching with their servers and built-in maps services often showing wrong estimated times and approximate locations. The question is, how long will the manufactures keep ignoring the issues and the mobile provides will continue to sell laptops, cellphones and tablets with the applications that malfunction.

Cesar N

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