T-Mobile Promotes but Does Not Sell iPhones Yet – A Plan to Attract Off Contract AT&T Users

T-Mobile USA is the only telecommunications provider out of four major telecom giants that does not sell iPhone devices. Yet with recent AT&T policy update, which allows off-contract users to unlock their older iPhones, T-Mobile sees this as an opportunity to lure AT&T customers as Apple prepares to announce its new iPhone model tomorrow September 12th.

Ultimately with the release of the new generation iPhone and the sales of it to commence later this month, a lot of users will seek for a secondary market to cast away and sell old smartphone devices to.  While T-Mobile cannot yet sell iPhone devices in it’s stores it certainly is starting to promote the gadget and its functionality with its network as they prepare for an official launch of its high-speed LTE data service next year.

The company has been previously criticized for incompatible speed of their data plans with iPhone gadgets, which essentially is a tech barrier that keeps T-Mobile from becoming an official Apple seller. However, it is now known that the company has been able to adjust the data frequencies on its network (in certain metropolitan cities) in order to accommodate perspective iPhone users that are projected to switch over once their contracts are up.

The advantageous catch of this advertising campaign for T-Mobile USA also centers on the reintroduction of an unlimited plan. (“Unlocked and Unlimited” the company refers to it in its promo campaign). It has been now two years since AT&T discontinued the unlimited plans and become publicly notorious for drastically slowing down web service for exceeding thresholds.  And now with T-Mobile able to match data speeds as well as provide unlimited plans, this could potentially become an attention grabber for thousands dissatisfied AT&T users that are also the holders of perfectly functioning older iPhone sets.

This iPhone testing period of T-Mobile is also great news for Apple Inc itself.  Despite holding a number four position as a US operator, T-Mobile is likely the most recognized telecommunication brand globally and one of the world’s largest carriers.  Once it will develop compatible LTE service, it will certainly welcome the iPhone inventory as well as the users that come with it which would mean the gains for both.

Cesar N

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