What’s the Point of iPad Mini?

Just when you think that the public attention has finally started to drift away from iPhone 5 announcement and Samsung vs. Apple dirty wars, another iProduct images leak out to create even more speculations around Apple goods.

While the talk about Apple to sell iPad Mini has been around for several months, the company hasn’t actually confirmed the manufacturing nor the release of the device. This is not the first time that Apple’s foreign supply chain unveils the information about the product prior to the official announcement. And with iPhone 5 being the most overexposed and leaked out Apple gadget in company’s history, the current leaks for iPad Mini just don’t come as a surprise.

After all this could be just another strategy for Apple to defuse negative public opinion from the underwhelming reaction since the iPhone 5 announcement last week.

So what does the iPad Mini look like in these images? And what could be the reason for the manufacturing of this device anyway?

While not many specifications are available at the current moment about the features the iPad Mini might carry, the leaked out photographs show the device having  7-8 inch display (in comparison to 9.7 of the last iPad model), a new Lighting 8-pin dock connector and rear-facing camera presumably for the facetime option.

Assuming Apple doesn’t add much of any compelling features to what seems right now a “scaled down iPad”, this could essentially become just a device that diminishes user experience and proves that the latest iPad was too big.

From the business perspective, however, the reason for Apple to release this scaled down iPad might come from the market pressure and the competitive sales of Amazon’s Kindle Fire as well as Barnes &Noble Nook. Both of these devices are smaller in size and less expensive in comparison to the latest iPad, which as a result are more appealing to the users. Whether or not iPad Mini will become just another redundant device to enter the tablet market for just competitive reasons we’ll have to see in the next upcoming months when Apple is set to announce its official release.

Cesar N

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