The phone opens the door and controls the lights of a hotel in Bangkok

The application, called pretended, is included in a phone that provides its clients hosting


El teléfono que abre la puerta y controla las luces de un hotel en Bangkok

A mobile phone application called pretended allows users to open the door, control the lights in the room and be connected with the Aloft hotel reception from anywhere in Bangkok.

“In front, give the customer a phone application also pretended to be local calls and connect to the internet with WiFi or via 3G hotel,” he told EFE Jirawattananun Kanya, Hotel public relations.

The application uses the Android system on a Samsung phone and can be obtained in 50 of the 296 rooms at the hotel, located near the busy Sukhumvit Avenue.

For example, the application allows the client, even from outside the hotel, turn on or turn off the alert to clean the room.

“With the mobile you can control the type of lighting, more relaxing, getting up or sleeping, and function as TV remote,” said Kanya.

“Our philosophy is to attract young people or people who prefer to use the technology and be continuously connected,” said the publicist, who added that in the near future may also ask to go up dinner with the application.

The authorization of the credit card to check into the hotel serves as a guarantee if the customer steal or lose your phone. However, they are working on an application that can be downloaded on smartphones for travelers from reaching the airport, to consult a map or book a room.

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