Most Popular Gift Gadgets of 2012 Holiday Season

While we are slowing getting closer to the end of 2012, one of the things that we still have to go though this year, however, is the most excessively hyper commercialized week of Holiday Shopping. And just like with any branded holiday —be it Halloween, Valentines Day or Christmas—when there’s a consumerized holiday, there’s an opportunity for retail to make money.  So what is going to be the most popular ‘toy’ of this holiday season?

According to the interview observations conducted by Reuters across ten major cities worldwide, shoppers’ choices tend to land in the smartphone and tablet categories when picking slim gadget presents.  And while for some this might seem surprising, however, tablet computers have been increasingly becoming intergraded and indispensable items of our daily use since their inception three years ago. Which now does seem understandable why the tablets have been the most popular and requested tech gift gadgets for the past two years?!…

Having recognized this market potential we can now also see major manufacturers aggressively battling for their place within.  Although Apple was the first to introduce and sell iPad devices in 2010,the rivals– including Samsung, Google, Amazon and Microsoft—have been progressively making the roads into the marketplace.  According to market research, this year iPads accounted for 54 percent of the tablet market, however, are expected to plunge to 50 percent come next year as competing challengers increase in popularity.

Especially after Apple vs. Samsung heated patent lawsuits this past fall, Samsung since launched an assertive blitz of advertising specifically targeting the new Galaxy tablet inventory, which as a result made them the biggest competitor to Apple yet.

Microsoft, although, still the worlds largest software company has been struggling to boost the decreasing PC sales, and as a result also launched a Windows 8 based tablet Surface in October with an ultimate agenda to become a major rival to Apple’s iPad. And while Surface table is still only available for purchase in the online store of Microsoft, the company has recently release a statement saying they will start to sell tablets at more retailers beginning the New Year.

Amazon and Google have been in the tablet game for some time, yet most of their tablets inventory is also available online only, hence less accessible to more conventional shoppers. But perhaps these companies are truly behind building their own special and innovative ecosystems where the tablets market is bound to shift eventually. So what’s on your gift list?

Cesar N

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