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If a picture can tell your story and can explain without words: Instagram is the best way to do that. Through images and colors you can explain the best and this is the most effective way to attract the targeted audience. There however quite a fen hinges when it comes to attracting people for marketing purposes, since Instagram helps you in getting a clue for using images as an attraction, so all you have to do is add creativity to that.

Here are few ways to get the best of your little effort.

Smartphone Camera


Everything ends at technology these days and since you have the best of the smartphones (Android smartphone, Apple iPhoneSamsung Galaxy Nexus or galaxy S III etc) then why wait for a professional camera? Start taking the shots with the camera you have in hand, just be sure to take a shot of stuff which is different and not routine, or routine but with a different angle.

Now, the uploading part starts and when you do that directly from Instagram app, the photo would be simple square and leaves gap in filling the frame of your handset. The zoom in option does not facilitate you on Instagram, therefore seeing details with depth is not what you can do. The best way to cater this is taking the picture with smartphone camera and then uploading it on Instagram, this would enable you to pinch and zoom, move and then scale the picture to get the result you would want.

Collage works when nothing else does!


Photo with multiples approaches: works just great. Sometimes one picture of an entity doesn’t explain much and the best way to go around this is to upload multiple photos. Collages explain better, bring out different messages, more like the “team work” attitude. There are apps available and plenty of them to help you manage this, such as Picframe or Frametastic.

Apps to Edit Photos

Apps to edit

Once a photo is captured, you can apply filter and then simply work around with apps as Camera+,Hipstamatic360iPhoto. These apps give you more room and features to add the effects, tools that provide standard photo correction to manipulation and filters are the best apps.



Instagram also works like other social networks: using hashtags. Use the hashtags to bring out the theme from your photos, they bring out the brands and link the tags to other hashtags.  The hashtags play their role especially when the pictures need to be pushed to Twitter.

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