Sphero, rolling fun and the best friend of your cat

A curious little ball that could control from your mobile device while you navigated to where you wanted it to roll. We’ve been able to get their hands and try it for a while and while handling requires some training and we avanzarte that the invention is good fun and if you have any pets at home await you endless hours of pursuit and enjoyment of animal and owner.
The operation is simple.

Once paired via Bluetooth and installed the Sphero app (available for iOS and Android) you can run from your mobile device developments of this original autorodante ball to arouse the curiosity (or fear, eye with this) your pet, but neither an accessory is directed specifically to this aspect.

Being able to remotely manage a vehicle has always had supporters, this vehicle is a car, a plane, a boat … but what if that moves is a sphere? This is what we have in hand, a ball moving on its own thanks to the machinery that keeps inside and responds faithfully to the instructions sent from the application installed on mobile or tablet.

A simple interface allows you to move the ball, responding faithfully to perform movements with our fingers on the touch screen with a simple setup. Besides displacement (just thumb to control Sphero) there are a number of additional functions that we detail below. To begin within Sphero is a complex mechanism that helps to get the Bluetooth signal and then to produce the right moves. But also there is light motion, and you can select the tone that you like for the ball rolling illuminate the darkness to your taste.

Inside the box of this product in Spain can be purchased through Megagadgets, comes with a charger interchangeable tips for powering Sphero power anywhere in the world and some media on which to place the ball when you want to leave stand.

And is that occasionally you have to let it rest, if only to review the photographs or videos that you get while driving Sphero. Find application in the three modes to manage the device. The first (to our knowledge, the easiest) is to slide your finger across a drawing of a sphere with four directional arrows displayed on the screen. The second ball repeated movements print the mobile device, thanks to the motion sensors housed therein.

But the third mode, which boasts an original use of augmented reality, can move the ball while on the screen we see the image captured by the rear camera of the mobile / tablet allowing the option of taking pictures or videos, which is the mechanics we have followed to obtain the video document of this first meeting and Rony Sphero, a cat usually not too playful, I must say.

Without looking away from the screen can lead framed Sphero while maintaining their evolutions in the recording / photography. Now I have to find a friend who has another Sphero to mount a competition or take to train your pet in pursuing bright spherical objects.


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