Nintendo Wii U, shows that it is possible to continue to innovate in video games

If anything has characterized Nintendo in recent years, innovation has been looking for new features and ways to play with consoles. The 3DS has chosen example autoestereoscopía and the Wii was a clear example of something completely new, thanks to the Wiimote, which fully matched the tastes of both players and still had not used a console. Now Nintendo Wii U wants to repeat his success, adding to all that the Wii brought more news and, above all, much more power.

The revolution brought the Wiimote now comes from the hand of mandotablet Gamepad, a real joy to many, myself included, thought it was absurd. Nothing is further from the truth. The Gamepad is not only extremely comfortable to use, but also very easy to use the console to navigate menus, and even to use Internet TV, because thanks to infrared transceiver you can use remote control.

But not just stay here, Gamepad screen brings the concept of the dual screens of the DS to the salon, improving greatly. Thanks to her we have additional information on applications and games, including multiple control modes through the use of accelerometers, gyroscopes and geomagnetic sensors, physical controls (two analog pads, 1 digital, four action buttons, 5 menu and 4 triggers) , interaction with the microphone and camera, as well as incorporating a touchscreen (though sadly not to be resistive multitouch) that we can use with your fingers and a stylus included. Bring everything to NFC reader.

And there’s more, every time we use the gamepad as single screen without using television. So, while we are relatively close to the Wii U, we can take the game anywhere we want, to be something great if someone wants to use the TV in the lounge or have to clear it, there is a “call of nature”, we have to go a moment to another room or just want to take a little game without disturbing anyone or bed. It’s like having the mobility of a handheld with the power of a big console.

Besides the Wii U is compatible with all Wii games and accessories, but not with the Gamecube, hence you can connect the sensor bar, using Wiimotes and Balance Board, and even use the video connector on the Wii, although is recommended to use the HDMI for a high definition experience.

The console is in front 2 USB 2.0 ports and SD slot, using its own optical disc format 25GB on a single layer and being compatible with Wii discs. In the back we have another 2 USB 2.0 ports, HDMI output and video, plug the sensor bar and the wall outlet.

Nintendo also wanted to improve the user experience with games and offers applications that allow a web browser (though without Flash), watch videos on YouTube, have ILVT digital content (which is still taking shape), have information for all your games and purchase them directly through Nintendo eShop and many more new features that will be appearing this month.

MiiVerse emphasizes his commitment, a kind of social network with a focus on gamers and the world of Nintendo. In this network all players can chat, leave messages on walls and specific forums for specific games and categories, share achievements, have your friends list with notifications, items and even organizing to help each other with walkthroughs, tips and messages directly integrated the games themselves.

As you know, the Nintendo Wii U’s you can find in almost any game store or department store for 299.99 euros in its basic version white, or 349.99 euros in its Premium black. The main difference between them is the color and the first only has 8GB of internal memory, while the Premium has 32GB. Also in the latter have included a Wii sensor bar, console uprights and Gamepad and charging cradle for the GamePad, along with the game NintendoLand.
The good

The Gamepad is surprisingly light, comfortable and easy to use.
Able to use the gamepad as control of the TV and be able to play the Wii U without using a TV is a great idea.
The Wii is exceptional backward compatibility. Not just in games and accessories, but you can also use your Wii U like a Wii.
It has WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC and four USB ports, although only 2.0.
Applications very comprehensive as Miiverse and Nintendo eShop.
Currently the most powerful console and more RAM.


Updates have been a horror, I had to wait 1 hour after turning it on for the first time.
The browser is not compatible with Flash.
Using Disks and some ports owners, but justified by its backward compatibility with Wii.
Some limitations of use and lack of openness in its software.
Still some way to activate and polishing, as Nintendo ILVT.


Since I know the existence of the Wii U the truth is he did not think the idea of mandotablet out to be very successful. Glad to have been wrong. The Gamepad is wonderful and Nintendo have managed to exploit it since its release. I never thought a well control was so light and comfortable, and to allow both playing just as much chance as most people. As happened with the Wiimote, if the responses of the competition do not have anything like it, either on the basis of compatibility with tablets, using a handheld control or touchscreen controls, we note as if they were missing something.

The experience of playing up to 5 people with Gamepad and Wiimotes is great, not only for those who play, but also for those who watch the games. The idea of the terrain of the concept of a video game player than the rest, which will compete or cooperate with others, is a success.

Today is the most powerful console out there, and we see, unlike the Wii, Wii U will have versions of the latest in video games, which will be equal to or even slightly better. Given that it’s a very recent, the catalog is not yet very extensive and we will not see titles that exploit their full graphics capability and potential “tableteras”, but it sure will improve soon.


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