Nokia is working on lighter Lumia phones


In Nokia seem to be quite happy with the smooth running of its Lumia range of smartphones running Windows and with the known models could be working on expanding the range below with terminals characterized by their size and weight better.

This family of lighter Lumia appear in this year 2013 and to benefit from advances in the use of stronger materials but not heavier.

Thus polycarbonate housings current would give grounds for the benefit of the use of aluminum throughout the abroad. The code name to designate this new range would Catwalk and would reduce the considerable weight of terminals as the Lumia 920, marking 185 grams.

Although at first we have referred to this strategy of Nokia as “complete the range from below”, probably the expensive use of aluminum can manufacturing process and therefore affect the price, so it may be understood that “from below” not as a reference to a low-end terminals benefits but simply cut to size and weight. It is these terminals may eventually prove more expensive, much like what has happened in the world of computers with ultrabooks.

In fact there are those who point to make aluminum terminal known as Catwalk for now could be a iPhone5 opponent who, as successor to the Lumia 920 and given the material and the small size (in thickness), and could compete .


Cesar N

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