Is it really this competition from Google Glass?

In the middle of the rush of CES, fellow U.S. Gizmodo have tried is supposed to be direct competition (one of them) of futuristic glasses Google: the Vuzix M100. Is the first impression? A real disaster.

Okay, we are only at the beginning of this thing called technology clothing or wearable computing, is normal, but we expected more.

The proposal of the Vuzix is simple: get in front of the eye a small screen, Android-based system, and the ability to do some of the things we now do with mobile or tablet. Ie read Facebook updates, tweets, watch videos and stuff like that. And all for “under $ 500”, which is the price of this pileup when it goes on sale. Caro (? $ 499?) And no departure date. Ya.

For now the Vizio M100 only play video, but give an idea of what they could do. The problem is that the screen, which is the focal point of the experience is horrible: the resolution is 480 x 272 pixels. Everything looks tiny and distant (pictured below, and is, more or less), and it is almost impossible to discern anything. Neither looks crisp, and the experience is immersive or anything like that. It’s just a tiny flickering screen in front of you.

Cesar N

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