Nvidia launches the madness of CES: announces “Project Shield”, a video game console Android


We could expect almost anything at the start of CES, but not this. Nvidia has surprised presenting, among other things, its own game console, Project Shield, a machine that runs on Android (as is, without modification) and its new Tegra processor-4. That is, power to spare.

The console is about the size of a command of the XBox 360, but with many differences. The main one: has a 5-inch touchscreen and 720p resolution coupled to the control (A attempt to follow in the footsteps of the Wii U?). The video processor supports 4K and Nvidia promises a battery of between 5 and 10 hours of game mode (24 hours of video playback).

Other interesting details: in principle supports only Android games, but also allows you to access your PC games if you are equipped with Nvidia graphics card (for compatibility issues, we suppose). Well for the latter, because the games are not exactly the strong point in Android.


Price? Not a w


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