Apple will release a new cheaper iPhone

The WSJ reports that Apple is developing a new iPhone. Except this time is focusing on developing a low-cost phone for the masses. This is a change in strategy for the company.

This cheaper version would resemble the current iPhone, but consist of a body less expensive – probably made of polycarbonate, compared the body of the iPhone 5 is aluminum.

The new iPhone may contain the same parts of older iPhones could be recycled parts.

This is definitely a change for Apple, under the leadership of Steve Jobs’s company focused on developing high-margin products regardless of the scale of product adaptation. This looks like a mini iPad-like movement in which Apple does not lead but follow sales trends in the market. This remarkable change has implemented the current CEO, Tim Cook.

The iPhone is currently responsible for 48% of Apple’s profits according to figures from quarter ending September 2012.

The idea of a cheaper iPhone is not new, the company has seen since 2009 but had not implemented for production logistics.


Cesar N

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