The Walkman is reinvented: designed for athletes, is charged in 3 minutes

Here’s another gem in the middle of the technological orgy that is CES. The Sony Walkman. Back.

More stylish and sleek than ever, now is designed specifically for sports. Attaches ear headphones like two joined by a piece of plastic attached to the neck. It has 4GB of storage, which should be enough to store a handful of songs, is water resistant and is available in four colors.

Is expected to go on sale in March for $ 100 (in euros should be around the same figure). But best: Sony ensures that loads in just three minutes, long enough to give an extra hour of autonomy. We will have to try it because in this sport and listen to music at the same time, one thing is paper, and other day to day.

As we see in this thorough review of headphones for athletes, there are good, bad, and very bad

Cesar N

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