The 128-GB iPad is here and as expensive as we thought, from 799 euros

The rumors were true. Apple has just announced the launch of a new iPad more memory, 128 gigabytes. It will have the same design, retina display and other specifications that fourth generation siblings and will go on sale Tuesday, February 5. The bad, the price, although expected, from 799 euros for the model with WiFi, or 929 for the WiFi +3 G. Is it worth spending so much on extra memory? Like everything else, depends on what you’re going to give, but in the age of the cloud, it is becoming more difficult to justify such expenditure.

Apple said in its official statement that more than 85% of the 500 largest companies in the world use iPad in their business. There is a growing need to work with large files, say, like 3D CAD projects, films, music, training videos … He quotes a manager talking precisely Autodesk AutoCAD WS application for iOS and one of the advantages of using a 128GB iPad.

True, there are very specific cases in which a tablet for that price and with that memory makes sense. Business, education, design, editing … especially if you can get corporate discounts for group buying. But there are also more and more ways to store, manage and edit documents in the cloud. Apple increases the range of options, and is great news, but for the average user, the new iPad to 128 GB and 800 euros little or no change things.


Cesar N

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