Getting the most cash out of your Mac

Some of you may have noticed that got a new feature: now one can get the most accurate quote on their Apple Mac simply by inputting its serial # into the Search window on our homepage: 

search mac serial

That was done to: – a) simplify product selection; – b) eliminate the possibility of choosing wrong Mac configuration, and, therefore, getting inaccurate quote online.

This feature is especially essential for Macs, taking into consideration how many different model varieties Apple offers. And the price difference from one configuration to another sometimes is quite significant.

Now the easiest way to locate your laptop’s serial is to check for it on the bottom case:

macbook bottom case


With the bottom case serial we however run into an issue almost immediately. Some of you found that the number on the bottom is worn off and only partially visible.

But don’t worry: there are other ways to find out your Apple MacBook serial number.

Here is what you need to do, if your laptop is up & running:

– Go to the Apple Menu, select “About This Mac” and double-click the Version text:



mac os x
Mac OS X 10.1-10.6


serial number
Mac OS X 10.7












Now, let’s say your Mac does not have an OS X, or simply does not power on anymore.

For older Macs (made before 2009), all you need to do is to open computer’s battery bay & remove your battery (but first make sure your machine is turned off!). The serial number would be located underneath the battery in the bay, as shown here:

It’s not that easy with newer Macs unfortunately. New models have their battery mounted under the bottom case cover. So if the number on your Mac’s bottom case is worn off, let’s hope you kept an original packaging.  Apple provides identification info & brief product specs on the bar-code label that is affixed outside the box:

mac box

If you are still not sure about your Mac specs and serial when requesting a quote, please feel free to contact our LiveChat team. We will be happy to assist you in getting the most accurate estimate!*

In the next post, we will be talking about how to tell if your iPhone has liquid damage.



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Cesar Navarro