Amazon, Apple end dispute over ‘Appstore’ name

Apple Inc and Inc they put an end to their legal dispute over the right to use the name App Store, which paves the way for both companies use it. District judge Phyllis Hamilton, in Oakland, California, on Tuesday ordered that the case was dismissed at the request of both companies. The fault occurred then that Apple sent him to Amazon an agreement not to sue, which eliminates the need for the latter present a counterclaim.

Kristin Huguet, a spokesman for Apple, said that the company no longer see the need to pursue the case, a complaint by false advertising. “With more than 900,000 applications and 50,000 million downloads, customers know where they can buy their favorite applications”. Martin Glick, a lawyer from Amazon, said in an interview that “it was the choice of Apple unilaterally abandon the case, and letting free Amazon to use “Appstore” freely”.

A TERM “envelope” in the claim filed in March 2011 by the use of the mark, Apple accused Amazon of misuse of the term “App Store” to the request developer for a download service for mobile software. Amazon replied that the term had become so generic that its use could not be regarded as misleading advertising.

“We are gratified that the court has dismissed the case definitively,” said Mary Osako, spokesman for Amazon. “We want to continue putting our attention on delivering the best experience possible Appstore to customers and developers”.

Cesar N

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