Tips On How To Prevent Damage Or Accidents With The Charger For Your Cellular

An electronic engineer offered these tips after analyzing the incident of a young Chinese that -according to his family, died electrocuted by use your iPhone while i was loading

The young Chinese Ma Ailun (23) died electrocuted last July 11, according to media reports quoting Asian as a source to the authorities of the Asian country. The family ensures that the electrocution occurred when the young man used his iPhone while the appliance was loading, i.e. connected to an electrical outlet.

A Chinese expert said today that a charger false could be the cause of the death of this person due to these appliances economize on quality. The circuit protector, he said, could not have had a malfunction that allowed the shipment of 220 volts of energy directly to the battery of the phone, with the tragic consequence that we know today.

A report of the technology editor of CNN pointed in the same direction and pointed out that the possible risk of our electrical devices increases “when someone feeds a phone with a charger that does not meet the standards or is incompatible”. In this way, users are exposed to overheating, fire or electrical shock.

Here are some recommendations on the care you need to have with the charger and the battery of your device to be more secure.

1. Avoid wrap cable because you can damage it and to make drivers are exposed.

2. Avoid bending very strong the charger cable because it would upset the insulator provocarias connector and a short circuit when the plugs into the electrical outlet.

3. Do not keep the charger in places of great temperature because heat changes the behavior of their electronic components.

4. Charge the battery when the cell has been consumed. So you don’t have to charge more than once during the day. The charger also is spent (by the use of current).

5. The ideal is to charge the cell phone off. Why is that? When lit and charging, the source feeds back into the battery and energized the team, then delay in loading is complete.

6. Do not leave the charger plugged in. Although it is not connected to a cellular phone or tablet, consumes energy and the parts are in operation (wear).

7. To avoid a problem with the electrical overstress, never use the phone when the appliance is charging. In any case, it is recommended that you use a voltage stabilizer.

8. Although it is advised that you not leave loading the equipment throughout the night, it should be borne in mind that modern mobile phones have a detention system of full charge. The recommendation is to avoid a higher energy consumption for the conversion of voltage (220v to 5 v).

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