Microsoft and key retailers chop Surface RT prices by $150

The tablet under until the $349 and the company he founded Bill Gates has become the sixth seller of these devices in the world.

In an attempt to gain participation in the burgeoning market for tablets, Microsoft has cut the price of its surface RT at $150.

The reduction means that the Surface RT with 32 gigabytes of memory and without cover, now costs $349 (without considering taxes). With the cover, which also acts as a touch-sensitive keypad, it costs $449. The surface has a 10.1 -inch screen measured diagonally.

The market research firm IDC, says that Microsoft shipped a million tablets in the first quarter of 2013. This version includes the RT and the Pro Surface, which is compatible with the old Windows programs.

This gave Microsoft a slight increase of 2% of the 49.9 million tablets sold worldwide. Apple continues to lead with 39.1 % and follow him Samsung, Asus, and Acer.

Microsoft is in sixth place. For the first time in the IDC report, Microsoft is among the top five manufacturers, moving to Barnes & Noble

The reduction, effective since Sunday, occurred days after Microsoft reorganized its corporate structure to become more of a company “artifacts and services”.

Microsoft has previously manufactured devices, such as the Xbox game console, but when he began to sell the tablet Surface in October, the company became a competitor of their many manufacturers allies, that use the Windows operating system for the aircraft.

Microsoft is trying to succeed with the tablets in view of the fact that the sale of personal computers has declined. The research firm Gartner Inc. indicated that shipments of personal computers fell by 11% to 76 million units in the period from April to June, becoming the fifth consecutive quarter of casualties and the longer they have had the PCs.


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