BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone With QWERTY Keyboard

The Q10 is the response of the Canadian company for most of their users and for all those who prefer pressing keys in exchange for sacrifice screen size. There are currently 80 million people that have a BlackBerry with physical keyboard in the world, and they will see that there is no other computer that has better design as the Q10.

This primarily occurs for two reasons: first, because the supply of high-end cell is completely dominated by the cellular touch, and second, because more than just having a keyboard very well done, the Q10 implements it speeding up any task that one you want to do.

The Q10 comes with the BlackBerry operating system 10.1 , an update to the new platform of this company, which not only brings stability improvements and prolongs the duration of the battery, but instead implements shortcuts and a method of universal search.

From the main screen or from any part of the application menu, just type “Facebook” to update a state, or “Twitter” for tuitear, or any other term that one might want to find on the Internet to be able to find the link that one looks for in less than five seconds.

Add to this the ability “multitasking” of the operating system and so you can write an email, chat and update Twitter, for example, with amazing speed.

The BlackBerry 10.1 includes the same remarkable features that the Z10, whose account you can read here, the Hub integrated messages, experience Flow to navigate between applications and the Peek to see notifications without exiting the application in use.

The Q10 has a 3.1 -inch screen and 720 ×720 pixels, which leads to their users can end up sacrificing the ability to view multimedia files on a large screen in return for having a physical keyboard.

The positive point is that, at least screen, less battery power consumption. And this brings a cell of 2,100 mAH, compared to the 1,800 of the Z10. Indeed, it is more than enough to spend day and a half with regular use of applications, and a full day with heavy use.


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