More Smartphones Sold Than Regular Cell Phones For The First Time Ever

Sold 225 million smart phones in the world compared to the 210 million conventional cell. Latin America growth momentum

In the second quarter of the year, sales of smartphones in the world were higher in volume to those of common cell for the first time. The smart phones recorded an increase of 46.5 % in a year, as reported by the consulting firm Gartner.

During this period were sold in total 435 million units and the smartphones accounted for 51.8 % of the placements with 225 million. In contrast, the conventional cell accounted for the remaining 48.2 per cent, with 210 million.

The strongest increases in the sale of “smartphones” were recorded in asia-pacific (74.1 % ), Latin America (55.7 %) and in Eastern Europe (31.6 % ), according to analyst Gartner Anshul Gupta, in the study published on the Internet.

Samsung has consolidated its dominance on the world market (24.7 %) with 107 million of common cellular and smartphones sold in this period. In the second post is located Nokia with a 14 % share (60 million), followed by Apple (7.3 %) and LG (3.9 % ).

In the smartphone market, Samsung remains at the forefront with 71 million units sold and a 31.7 % market share, followed by Apple, cone 31 million loans (14.2 %) and Korea’s LG Electronics in third place with 11.4 million (5.2 %)

Gartner predicted that will be sold in the world around 1,820 million cell phones at the end of 2013.