Apple iPhone 5S Gets A Fingerprint Reader

Apple has provided its iPhone 5S of a fingerprint sensor, but the called ID Capacitive Touch Sensor is something more than that. This addition to the flagship terminal of Apple opens the doors to not a few improvements of interaction between the iPhone and its users.

One of the best features of the sensor is its integration. This is not a separate button, but that is around the old and their legendary physical button which presides over the iPhone. Once we checked in with our fingerprint, the iPhone 5S stores this footprint in a secure processor of the A7 and only there. This is not backed up on servers or in any folder of the operating system or applications.

Once registered, the sensor reads our footprint regardless of which direction we move the finger. Physically, the change in relation to the start button is very slight. Only note a metal ring around the button. The sensor is hidden and protected by a sapphire crystal.

It is assumed that the sensor will allow, in the future, that all our passwords can be solved by simply passing the finger on the start button. However, this will not be immediate. Apple will not release the code that governs this button. Everything indicates that the Cupertino what Iran releasing little by little and only to certified companies. For the moment, the sensor will only allow you to make operations with our iTunes Store account.