Samsung’s Unbreakable Screen Another Bright Idea

If you have an iPhone or an iPad and the screen has never broken you you are a person with luck. It is the (expensive) problem about which many Apple clients complain. Now, only after the new iPhone promised to be, an Apple patent has published a pair of days thought justly to solve it: to create practically unbreakable screens.

According to the patent published yesterday, Apple might be working in constructing screens covered with sapphire, a mineral that is alone behind the diamond(min) in the hardness scale. The production process would consist of covering the screen with a sapphire plate superficially and other one for below. The result is that if you the mobile or the iPad falls down, there is no problem, the screen would not even notice it.

The patents not always are translated in final products and the date of publication does not also say very much on the exact point in which Apple is with regard to this technology. Nevertheless, it is a track. Other manufacturers as Sony or Motorola have put a lot of emphasis lately in the hardness and resistance of its teams(equipments), something that keeps on being a weak point in Apple.

The problem of the sapphire is that it is an expensive material of using in technology. Also, considering its hardness, it is complex of molding and laminating, specific machinery is needed. But it is something in what Apple is already put. As it clarified the company this week, the new beginning button with the biometric sensor Touch ID is in fact a sapphire crystal.