Google-bye To Privacy? Users’ Faces, Names And Comments Are Going In Ads

The notices will use personal information of the members of Google , the social network of the internet company.

Google plans to launch a new service of advertisements of products sponsored by users that will include your photos, comments and names, in a move to match the ads “social” introduced by its rival Facebook that have aroused some concerns about privacy.

The changes announced by Google in its revised policy of service on Friday, prepared the ground for you to enter “auspices shared” in all its web sites and millions of other pages that are part of the Google advertising network.

The ads will use personal information of the members of Google , the social network launched by the company in 2011.

If a user of Google has publicly supported a brand or a particular product by clicking on the button 1, the image of that person could appear in the advertisement.

The criticism of restaurants or scores of songs that Google users share in other services – such as the Google store Play- could also be used by advertisers.

The ads are similar to the Facebook social ads, the number one social network of the world with 1,150 million of users.

What about privacy?
These ads are more attractive to advertisers, but sold the images of the Internet users arbitrarily, according to Marc Rotenberg, director of the group of online privacy EPIC.

“It is a huge problem of privacy,” said Rotenberg.

The age of 18 shall be exempt from the ads and the rest of the users will have the ability to say no. But Rotenberg said that users “should not have to restore your privacy levels by default every time Google introduces a change”.