Biohacker Implants Smartphone-Sized Sensor Into His Arm

A self-proclaimed “biohacker” endured a painful operation to be installed a large electronic chip in your arm – without anesthesia or the help of a doctor.

Tim Cannon, a software developer to Pittsburgh (United States) was inserted the chip to control the temperature of your body. This communicates with its Android tablet via a Bluetooth wireless connection , has green lights that can be seen through your skin and you can send a text message if you develop a fever.

Cannon, who describes himself as a “cyborg artisanal”, said to be the first person to have a device implanted in his body with the sole purpose of “improved” himself. In an interview with the YouTube channel MotherboardTV (see below), said he was interested in the electronic modification of the body by a desire for immortality: “I want to live thousands of years. Don’t want to die. I cannot understand why someone would like it.”

The chip, the size of a deck of cards, you will be introduced in the left forearm, without anesthesia, by the tattoo artist and body modification Steve Haworth, a specialist in subdermal implants and transdermal. This is because the chip has not been approved by the government, and therefore may not be applied by a surgeon