Charlie Trotter, famed Chicago chef, found dead in home

The renowned chef Charlie Trotter was found dead this morning in your home in the exclusive neighborhood of Lincoln Park in Chicago.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the unconscious body of Trotter of 54 years, was discovered by his own son Dylan within the residence in the 1800 block of North Dayton street past the 10:45am.

It was immediately transported by firefighters to Northwestern Memorial Hospital where it was confirmed his death.

In the culinary world and for nearly 25 years, the restaurant Charlie Trotter’s in Chicago was considered as one of the five best in the world by offering innovative dishes and progressive, dictating the pattern in the world of culinary arts.

For years Charlie Trotter’s was worthy of a number of awards including 11 awards from the James Beard Foundation from 2000 to 2012.

In 2011 the restaurant was selected as the best restaurant in the United States for its food and extensive selection of wines.

Trotter in public life on 14 cookery books and received an award for their televised cooking classes by the chain PBS.

By the time the cause of death is unknown.