Jury Orders Samsung To Pay Apple $290 Million

Justice determined that the south Korean manufacturer copied features of the iPhone and the iPad. A jury in the United States today awarded US$290.45 million in damages to Apple in a new trial against Samsung, in the last battle of global patent litigation between the two giants of the industry.

Apple had requested US$ 379.8 million, while Samsung argument that should pay US$ 52.7 million.

In March of this year, the federal judge Lucy Koh eliminated US$ 450 million of the verdict that sentenced Samsung to pay US$ 1,050 million for violating a number of patents related to the iPhone and the Apple iPad. The judge also ordered a new trial for the reconsideration of the damage caused by the Korean company to the signing of the apple.

Today, the conclusion of this trial is that Samsung should only for US$ 290 million per copy vital functions of the Apple products, and not the US$ 1,050 million initial.

Samsung, which appealed the verdict of the 2012, probably will do the same with today’s ruling.

A third trial is scheduled for March, which will be considered the claims of Apple that the more modern devices from Samsung in the market also copied Apple technology.