Motorola Moto G Launch, Specs, Release and Price

Motorola Mobility could not wait more launch its Moto G low-cost in the U.S.

The Moto G went on sale today in the U.S. , for now only available on your variant and GSM unlocked, at a price of US$179 without contract. The new mobile you can buy already at

The surprise launch arrives much sooner than i had planned the company, which had said that the motorcycle would G to the USA in January. The executive chairman of Motorola, Dennis Woodside, told  the demand for the phone had been very strong in other countries and that the company managed to increase the manufacturing process and speeding it up sooner than had been anticipated. That allowed the phone is available before what we expected.

The launch today, Motorola also leverages the madness of Christmas shopping, which begin to any machine this week.

The partners of Motorola in tents and cellular telephony providers will launch the Moto G in January 2014, just in time to capitalize on the strength of the prepaid market at the beginning of the year. Although Verizon Wireless has agreed to sell the Motorcycle G for your brand of prepayment, Woodside said that the phone without LTE would receive widespread ‘distribution’ with multiple partners, but refused to say which.