Amazon Workers Face ‘Increased Risk Of Mental Illness’

BBC report revealed that employees of the e-commerce store only have 33 seconds to find a product in its gigantic warehouse.

The e-commerce company Amazon is the leader in its category and quite respected in the world, however their workers have to endure a strict regime labor that makes them feel like “robots”, according to a BBC report that infiltrated a reporter in their cellars in United Kingdom.

The journalist Alan Little told him that a device informing him that pick up and put in your cart and it only got 33 seconds to find the product, otherwise, you may receive a sanction.

“We Are machines, we are robots, we connect the scanner, we have it in hand, but we could have it connected to ourselves,” said little quoted Fayerwayer portal technology. “Do not believe, may not rely on us to think as human beings, don’t know,” he added.

Little also recounted in a shift way almost 17 kilometers collecting boxes in the gigantic warehouse of Amazon, a space of about 70 thousand square meters. According to experts interviewed in the story, this type of work can cause mental illness, but the company says that there is no risk.

This is not the first complaint against Amazon. In France, a journalist also infiltrated at the wineries and wrote a book in which he denounced “labor exploitation”. In Germany, nearly 1,000 workers participated in a strike recently.