iOS 7 Jailbreak Is Now Available

The jailbreak for iOS 7 is now available to order. Just as they did with iOS 6, the group of developers Dale3rs has launched the tool avoidance0n 7 to jailbreak to Apple hardware with iOS 7. However, a few hours after its publication, i skip the controversy by the inclusion in the software (in its chinese version) of the application Taig, a Chinese shop of apps with piracy. Dale3rs has issued a statement apologizing and explaining the situation.

After several hours of uncertainty, confusion has been clarified (more or less). Dale3rs has explained how the creators of the Chinese shop of apps Taig proposed them add your software to the jailbreak. Just like they do with Cydia, which comes pre-installed in the software, Dale3rs decided to offer the same option with Taig in China. The problem is that in Taig include pirated applications, something that the members of Dale3rs ensures that they did not know. The group is working to eliminate the pirated materials in Taig and, in the event that it is not possible, they say, be deleted from all the app software avoidance0n 7. For the moment, have already disabled the automatic installation in China.

In addition to the problem with Taig, in this new jailbreak or Cydia nor the tool Mobile substrate are updated for iOS 7. Dale3rs points out that what they are going to fix in a subsequent update, which will probably be published in the next few days. Why have not included from the beginning? As they explain, they learned that Jay Freeman (SaurikIT) wanted to go ahead with its own jailbreak, so they decided to launch evasion 7 hastily and then publish the updates.