Why you should wait to jailbreak iOS 7

The Jailbreak for iOS 7 released by Avoidance0n Team has brought with it many doubts on the part of users to ensure that brings malware, and stealing data from the phones where it is applied. To try to clarify things a bit, then we offer you what is uncertain about the issue. At least until now.

What is going on? 
On Sunday, the group known as Dale3rs released their jailbreak for iOS7. This is the same team of programrs who created the jailbreak for IOS6 and both of these tools, in fact, they are very similar. Shortly after, they began to hear voices that were accusing the new jailbreak of malicious behavior, MEPS that personal data, forcing the user to install a suspect application from piracy and other grisly.

This is what is known so far. If your iPhone is set to Chinese (and only in Chinese), Cydia is not installed in the usual manner. Instead the user obtains an application called Taig. It is a repository of Chinese applications for iPhone, many of them had, what it is, in part, the origin of the dispute.

According to avoidance0n Team, Taig was included as a substitute for Chinese users, for which Cydia is not available. Although Avoidance0n ensures that applications should not include pirated, it is said that Taig payment to avoidance0n to include its application in the jailbreak, which adds more fuel to the fire of the discussion. Faced with so much controversy Avoidance0n decided to remove Taig your jailbreak.
For users in english, the jailbreak installed Cydia, but it is not the final updated version, but not an official version developed by Avoidance0n without the help of Saurik. Avoidance0n was in a hurry to get your jailbreak before they could make another computer, and that is why stitch Cydia without updating the platform Mobile substrate. The Cydia not be updated to the latest official version, some changes in the platform stops working to implement the new jailbreak. This issue has also fuelled a bitter controversy within the hacker community. In Reddit you can read the details of the debate on the matter.

When: Do I install or not it install it?

¿Es seguro hacer ahora Jailbreak a iOS 7 o mejor esperar?

The short answer to this question: No. Although the accusations of malware appear to be false, this first version of the jailbreak is still quite unstable and has numerous errors. The jailbreak works, but perhaps not working as well as many users would like.

More importantly, the jailbreak nor permits many things today. The lack of Mobile Substrate makes applying the jailbreak does not serve to much other than to say that you’ve made. Here is a list of what can be achieved with the jailbreak for the moment.

In the final analysis, that download and apply the jailbreak now does not make much sense. Won’t be long before you resolve the issue of Cydia and Mobile substrate, and the jailbreak of iOS7 purchase full functionality. At that time if that will be more useful to apply.