Best Moments on Istagram

If you are a frequent user of Instagram, you realize that some of your friends have published their best moments of 2013 in a short video. This is a video of a mere 15 minutes of duration that summarizes the images and videos that most popular published your listing the year that are just.

Who has made it possible is Statigram, a french inspired web application in the mobile social network Instagram. This website launched the free service “the best moments of 2013 in Instagram”, which can be activated with the pulse of a click after you subscribe to the page (with your account of Instagram).

The resulting video you will get to your email account and you will have to download it on your smartphone or Tablet and then post it on your account of Instagram. Some artists, like the musician Diego Ubierna, already have used it and have received good reviews by the result.

FACT: The videos are gathering on Twitter with the hashtag