Here Are A Bunch Of Movies That Are About To Disappear From Netflix After The New Year

Each year, dozens of movies disappear from Netflix (and other streaming services) to be exhausted the license window. With the arrival of 2014 will be the same again. Netflix is not yet available in Spain, but if in almost all of Latin America and USA When the clock dial the 00:00 hours on 1 January 2014 (more or less), dozens of titles that deserve the death penalty will disappear from the catalog of Netflix. What are they?

It is a hassle maintain a list of which are already not that Netflix makes it easy to do follow-up to the license dates. However, users of Reddit have compiled a list of titles that are well worth the money and soon they will no longer be there. You can view the end date of license for yourself if you add them to your playlist. The fact that this license expires now does not mean that Netflix do not re-add, but you never know. If you’ve yet to see some of the titles below, you’ve got one more thing to do these days: