AT&T offers T-Mobile customers up to $450 to switch

AT&T, One of the wireless service providers more large U.S. , began in 2014 with an aggressive campaign with which seeks to steal customers its competitor T-Mobile. AND is that the telecommunications company has offered nothing less than US$ 450 to users of T -Mobile to change its network.

As he explains “The Boston Globe”, the offer was launched on Friday consists of a cash payment of US$ 200 to the deserters from T -Mobile. In addition they will receive a credit of up to $ 250 for a new phone adquirire AT&T.

The response of T-Mobile was almost immediate. The CEO of the company, John Legere, said through a statement= published on the corporate website of T -Mobile, that the plan of AT&T. It is “a desperate move” on the part of his rival. “I’m flattered because we have made you uncomfortable. . ” Nothing is going to change,” he said.

Legere is known in the industry for its critical tone increases against its competitors but also to eliminate the mobile telephony contracts and give customers the opportunity to buy their phones from the beginning, or through monthly installments. In this way, when the phone is already paid off, the monthly bill of consumption is reduced. Unlike the standard model of the mobile telephony that maintains the collection of a same price.