The Macintosh is 30 years old today 

On 24 January 1984, Steve Jobs introduced its first Apple Macintosh, a computer intended to write history. In the past 30 years, the Mac was Apple almost to ruin and then returned to know along with the iPhone and the iPad.

In the early 80, with the Apple II computer company dominated the young market of the ‘micro’. But Apple did not last long leadership. The letters were again mixed on August 12, 1981, when another giant, IBM, launched its IBM Personal Computer.

Jobs, now deceased, and his companions undervalued totally the success of the first IBM PC . ‘The day that IBM announced its PC i was at Apple’, remembered after the founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates. “At that time (the founders of Apple) did not even bother to nothing by this topic’.

After the failure of the first counterattack against the Apple PC, with the expensive office computer Apple Lisa, all hopes for the company with the apple focused on the Macintosh. The own jobs had been located in front of the project in the summer of 1980. With the Mac, i wanted to make accessible to the general public the idea of a graphical interface of the legendary research center of Xerox PARC. This new computer is no longer operate through commands, but intuitively, with menus and icons and with the help of a mouse.


After a few delays, the January 24 jobs was unable to produce the first Mac before a concerned shareholders’ meeting. Two days before, Apple had prepared the public for the launch with a bold announcement during the end of the Super Bowl XVIII. In spite of its revolutionary interface, the first Mac barely able to contain the success of the PC from IBM. The relationship between jobs and the then CEO of Apple, John Scully, broke during that difficult period. In 1985 jobs left the company that had co-founded, after which I believe the company of NeXT computers and broad Pixar up to turn it into an animation studio

In the early years 90 Apple has still been able to hold some successes, particularly in the publishing industry, and was created a community of faithful followers. But was not able to halt the advance of Microsoft and its Windows system, even with its demands of plagiarism and patents.

It was in August of 1995, with its Windows 95, when Microsoft managed to launch a system similar to that of the Macintosh. Two years later, in 1997, Apple had been on the verge of ruin. Its market share had fallen below 10 per cent and the attempts to amortize the Mac operating system failed. In full free-fall, the then head of Apple, Gil Amelio, resorted to Steve Jobs to buy your company next and your operating system and retrieve the creator of the Mac.


After the return of jobs and with a new technical base, the Mac lived an incredible recovery, although some models failed miserably, as the G4 Cube. But the first iMac djeo perplexed even to the pioneers in the industry. ‘What makes Apple sometimes has an electrifying effect for all,” said the co-founder of Intel, Andy Grove. “We never would have achieved (create) the iMac, but Apple continued to advance and did’.

The iMac triumph not only for its design, but also by their technical innovations. Apple dispensed with a entry of diskettes and helped to detach the then little known USB. Such innovations have become both a classic Apple. Thus, in the current model of the iMac there is no DVD player, in a time when the software and the movies already arrive especially over the Internet. And in the Mac Pro, Apple replaced the hard drive completely by a solid state drive (solid-state drive, SSD), much faster

Thanks to the Mac, Apple is the only PC maker that builds up a continuous growth during more than ten year. In 2004, for every Mac bought 60 PCs using Windows. Now the ratio is 1 to 15 and, on the contrary that the greater part of PC manufacturers, Apple really earn money with this.

But the Macintosh only made a small contribution to that Apple would become the company most valuable of the world. The illusions that continue to grow in the stock market is increasingly based on smartphones and the tablets, and the Mac nor is it an exception