Mark Zuckerberg reflects on Facebook at 10

Facebook birthday is today. On 4 February 2004, a young Harvard programr called Mark Zuckerberg launched the that, 10 years later, it would become the largest social network of the world. A lot has happened since then.

1) Zuckerberg created Facemash (2003)

Mark Zuckerberg created this application in his second year at Harvard. Basically, Facemash hacking databases online from different faculties, and invited users to choose the most attractive student between two photos. The initiative was received with fun enthusiasm by some students, and anger from others. Also earned Zuckerberg a denunciation by Harvard. The charges were later dropped and Facemash was eliminated.


2) Born TheFacebook and another arrives demand (2004)

February 3 2004. Mark Zuckerberg rises for the first time the Facebook, a social network project inspired, according to him, in an article about the incident Facemash. The network was born already with a demand under the arm. Six days later, the brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, and Narendra Dyvia join to sue Zuckerberg. According to these three students, the creator of Facebook had misled them to launch an alleged social network call Harvard Connection and, in fact, he used his ideas to create TheFacebook. That same year reaches the first million users.

Facebook cumple hoy una década: 10 momentos clave de su historia

3) TheFacebook loses the ‘The’ (2005)

The newly formed company buys the Domain for $200,000 . The company had achieved funding by Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal. Although it was initially limited to Harvard, to this date, the network had spread like wildfire on all American universities.

4) The network leaves the university (2006)

After extending its membership to the workers of different technology companies such as Microsoft or Apple, Facebook opened its enrollment to all over the world. The only requirements are to be over 13 years of age and have a valid email address.

Facebook cumple hoy una década: 10 momentos clave de su historia

5) Facebook becomes platform (2007)

Facebook launches a series of tools that allow developers to create applications that interact with the functions of the social network. This platform includes the arrival of the video, a bulletin board system called Marketplace and the first mini-games of Facebook.

By the end of that same year had already been created 7,000 applications and created 100 new each day. He was born something very large, but there were people who already were beginning to complain about the viral nature of marking applications, and that that had not yet reached Farmville. Microsoft bought 1.6 % of Facebook for $240 million.

6) Closing old wounds (2008)

Facebook announced the transfer of its headquarters in Dublin, Ireland. The company finally manage to reach agreements to close the demands with the Winklevoss and with Connect u, another social network born within Harvard accusing Facebook of copyright infringement. The network reaches 100 million active users.

7) Reaches the button ‘i like’ (2009)

Facebook incorporates the button ‘i like’ in its pages (the following year it had done in other pages as a plug-in). The invention was worth two demands, a copyright infringement by a company called Rembrandt Social Media, and another to try to ban that the children can give’ ‘i like on advertising. In 2010 premieres the film ‘social network’ of David Fincher.

8) Timeline, photos, and mobile (2011)

Facebook becomes the web that houses more images of the world. At present it is estimated that each day are uploaded to the social networking 1.5 million photos. In October 2011, a third of users already connected in the usual way from the mobile. This is the year in which the network incorporates the current timeline. It also becomes the official implementation for iPad

Facebook cumple hoy una década: 10 momentos clave de su historia

9) Facebook goes public (2012)

Facebook reaches 1,000 million users, purchase Instagram by about $1,000 billion, and stars in one of the outputs to bag more jolly. The company starts with a value close to the $104,000 million, and a price of $38 per share. After an initial rise, the actions are wiped out in the successive days.

Various faults in the system of offering of shares, and alleged leaks of information in Morgan Stanley, J. P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs give rise to several demands. Facebook took 14 months to return to the price of 38 dollars per share.

(10) By searches (2013)

Facebook launches Graph Search function, to interfere in a field, the searches, which competes directly with Google. The tool was also one of the obsessions of the own Mark Zuckerberg.

Today, February 4, 2014: Facebook reaches the 1.228 million users worldwide and 53% of their advertising revenues now come from mobile. Social network, it has become a highly mobile company