Laptop is to become ancient history

Microsoft has announced all new Surface Pro 3 today. With the Surface Pro and then Pro 2, Microsoft’s pitch was to counter Apple with the argument of how their product can be an iPad and MacBook Air at once.

But let’s be honest, and those who used original Surface Pro know it, this promise of a dual function device din’t really work in real life. Old Surface models could not be used on the lap, were to heavy and not powerful enough to run multiple apps without hiccups; some found the display to be too small.

Apparently, Surface 3 has an answer to it all. New model is larger (12″ diagonal), but lighter. It’s screen resolution beats MacBook Air, again, it has a touch function; and the Surface 3 Pro with a keyboard is still thinner than the Mac Air. The device gets new dock station, which technically allows it to replace a laptop.

Surface Pro 3 goes on sale tomorrow, starting at $799 for the Intel Core i3 model. Microsoft also offers Intel Core i5 and Core i7 configurations.




Lena Bohomolova