Securing Your Android Apps with LOCX

Privacy is something most people value a lot these days. Today, a smartphone can contain highly personal information that users may not want to have exposed. To add a layer of security to your phone and make sure that your media and other information stored in your phone stay safe from the prying eyes of other people, you can consider using the LOCX app lock and photo vault.

Stores that sell cell phone units naturally brag about the features that their phones have, including security, but there are times when fortifying your security options becomes a necessary precaution to keep your media and information protected. With LOCX, you can protect the apps you use on a daily basis, and you can do so wisely.

Instead of just locking your home screen or all the apps at once, LOCX allows you to choose which apps you’d like to keep protected while leaving other apps unlocked. Keeping your private conversations through messages, email, and other chat applications is possible when you select them as locked apps on LOCX. Furthermore, you can lock apps that involve money to avoid accidental purchases especially if you let your kids use your phone.

If you take a lot of pictures, random or highly personal and private in nature, you can keep your photos safe in the Photo Vault. Selected photos can be stored in the vault and away from the easily accessible gallery. You no longer have to worry about dealing with potentially embarrassing situations should someone ever see photos you’d rather not have them see.

LOCX has a new and improved design which allows it to perform more efficiently while occupying just 1.8 MB of storage in your device. Despite the smaller file size of the application, it performs faster and lighter compared to other similar lock apps. A lot of app locking apps also take up more space than LOCX, leading to an overall slower phone performance. You can get superior performance without hampering the speed of your operating system when you use the LOCX as your lightweight solution for app security. You can choose from a pattern or PIN style security when setting up your app locks. The fast performance of LOCX allows you to easily access the app once you successfully unlock it.

With its many advanced and highly useful features, you may be thinking that this app comes at an expensive price but, to other people’s surprise, it doesn’t. LOCX is absolutely free and can be downloaded from the Google Playstore. Its recently redesigned version was made to make sure you get and elegant protective app at a great price. What’s even better about this app is that it’s ad free as well. Overall, LOCX has a clean and sophisticated look which makes it enjoyable and easy to use. If you want to have an app that is meant to protect your privacy without sacrificing the user interface, LOCX can be the perfect choice for you. Don’t compromise the security of your phone and trust only the best lock app there is!


Cesar Navarro