The Truth about Snapchat Sneakily Hiring Uber Engineers

Interestingly enough, among the most effective methods to hire fresh talent in Silicon Valley is by poaching from other giants in the field. Case in point, the news about Snapchat poaching Uber engineers. The popular social networking platform is employing a unique technique of target geo-filters to touch base with Uber engineers who might want a change of work or environment. Snapchat users in San Francisco, specifically near Uber’s headquarters, discovered a geo-filter that was customized to encroach on Uber talents.

Snapchat’s Recreating Strategy
Ridesharing app Uber Technologies, and the photo messaging app Snapchat, are two of the most effective startups in recent years. Between the two online ventures, they have raised billions of dollars for profit. Not bad for companies that basically sell cell phone and tablet applications. However, even with their heaps of cash, the two app giants, like many in the technology field, encounter difficulty in recruiting top engineering experts. Now, it seems that Snapchat is attempting to poach Uber talents by means of an inspiring and innovative strategy using its own application.
The strategy hit the news when a source, an employee of Uber, observed a new geolocation filter while using the photo messaging app. The new filter presented an effort by Snapchat to lure in Uber workers. The filter states “This place driving you mad?” which can be placed on Snapchat photos. It so happens that the photo filter is only visible to users who are in the vicinity of the ridesharing app’s headquarters. Furthermore, the filter displays an online address to Snapchat’s hiring web page. It also cleverly highlights Snapchat’s trademark ghost demonstrating sad and frustrated faces while driving a cab.
Snapchat’s geo-filters are exclusive overlays for images that are developed by the company’s pool of artists and authorized by the Snapchat team. Every geo-filter is only obtainable from a particular location. It so happened that Snapchat also uses the same recruiting strategy in the vicinity of the Twitter and Pinterest offices. Other sources state that when using Snapchat near the Twitter headquarters, a special filter features the company’s trademark ghost donning wings and a halo with a message saying “Fly Higher!” A similar approach was utilized at Pinterest. This time the filter highlights the Snapchat ghost getting away from plummeting bowling pins under the clever message of “Feeling Pinned Down?”
Jill Hazelbaker, a spokesperson of Snapchat, confirmed that these attempts are a part of the company’s playful and one-of-a-kind recruiting strategy. She also added that a few more locations feature the same geo-filter. This recruiting strategy of using its own app with specific location features made by Snapchat is rather out of the ordinary. However, it is not altogether shocking in a field where organizations are battling for a hard-to-find number of competent talents with technology certifications.
For many years now, Silicon Valley organizations have experimented with different perks such as free meals and transportation to lure in new talents. Experts say that it is truly hard for these technology-based companies to find pure and proficient engineering talent. A referral is usually the most effective method of finding skilled workers; however, if the startups are established by entrepreneurs who studied in the same school or played in the same niche, chances are the pool of talent will be limited.

As of yet, a spokesperson from Uber hasn’t responded to the request for comment about the subject matter.

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