Updated Instagram Rules against Nudity and Harassment

One of the most frequent questions parents of teenagers ask to shops that sell cell phone is the security off the apps being installed on these teenagers’ phones.  Social media presents a good number of advantages to teenagers, but several social plataforms have posed various disadvantages too. If you’re a parent who wants to make sure that your teen’s digital life is safe, you have to keep abreast of what’s happening on social media sites. Like for instance, instagram’s new update about nudity and harassment.

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Instagram Updates Community Guidelines

Jus this monyh, Instagram released an update on its Community Guidelines tacking the rules that govern the conduct of its users. The update also includes regulations on what the photo  sharing site deems appropriate . The newly regulated community Guidelines aim to help users understang how the popular social media platform patrols and managers content on the site.

The update isn’t a change of instagram’s rules, per se. However, it illuminates details on how the site’s previous practices when it comes to questionable photos. The new details are presented to serve as a guideline on how an Instagram user must behave on the site. Instagram’s new update is somewhat related to facebook, its parent company, and the changes it made on its own policy.

Updated Rules on Nude Photos.

The new Communitt Guidelines present a number o specific information on what is allowed and otherwise on the photo sharing site. This was a big concern in the past when a lot of Instagram users got upset when photos of a mom breastfeeding her child was considered “nudity”. Whit the recent update, nudity in general which includes any form of pornography is explicity not allowed. However ,photos of women breastfeeding their children and post-mastectomy photos are now allowed. Furthermore, photos of sculptures and paintings that show nudity are permitted.

The new guideline also states that photos and videos that included close-ups of a naked bum as well as genitals aren’t allowed. Sexual intercourse photos and videos are also prohited , even if they’re artistically made or digitally created.

Updated Rules on Hate Speech

The old Instagram guideline only states that the users must show respect and be polite to others. The newly clarified guideline states that any threat of harm is directed a personal user and to the public is forbidden. Instagram will actively remove content and comments that  deliver credible threats. Content that also degrade another private user and hate speech towards another are also banned. Blackmail, harassment, and repetitive unwanted messages  will be curtailed as well.

It’s important to note though that content which features people in the news or big personalities have a sligtly different guideline. Strong conversations about the topics are allowed-but still within reasonable limits-due to the nature of the news or profession of the celebrity.

Instagram made these necessary updates to align to the growing popularity of the photo sharing site. For parents of teenagers who have an Instagram account, these updates are a good thing. Nonetheless, constant vigilance and guidance are still important to make kids safe from digital predators.




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