6 Google Now Cards That Every Professional Would Need

A great number of professionals wish to have a personal assistant who can help with day-to-day tasks. For many, though, this is only a fantasy. However, innovations in mobile technology have gotten everyone somewhat closer to that dream, thanks to digital assistants that can be installed on different gadgets. Those who sell cell phone  often regard these smart apps as one of the strongest selling points of many smartphones.

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For Google users, that smart assistant is Google Now . This personal, digital assistant is accessible using the verbal command “OK, Google” This mobile assistant will then display details to the user by means of “cards” for different programs. Just a couple of weeks ago , Google revealed that it has been working with various new partners to offer 70 more Google Now Cards. For professionals, listed below are six of the most useful cards from the updated lot.

  • Dootsuite.- One of the most popular social media management tools, Hootsuite enables users to handle multiple social accounts on every leading social media channels. The tool allows users to schedule posts and monitor responses, mentions, and tags. For social media admins, this is a simple and effective way to keep tracj of th brand’s presence on social media and stay updated with regular posts.
  • Cleartrip.- Google Now is ideal for numerous business travel tasks. Users are now able to receive updates on travels they have arranged through Cleartrip , a web-based travel assistance and bookimg service. For instance, if the user opts to travel via train, he can see the details about the trip , which includes the train number, the on-time condition of the transportation, as well as the stations it left behind and the next ones it will target.
  • Any.do.- Any.do is a program for tasks, alarms, lists and reminders. With Any.do Google Wow card, users are prompted about impending tasks or projects directly on their smartphones. From the card , users can decide to be prompted again in the the future , or indicate the job as accomplished.
  • TuneIn.- Podcasts are fantastic source of ideas and market information for professionals. The TuneIn Google Now card will suggest new podcasts for users determined by their listening history and the podcasts the follow on the app.
  • Vaze.-Traffic jams make business travel frustrating. With Waze Google Now card, trekking along during a daily commute or navigating a new city for a meeting will be a breeze. Waze, a social navigation and mapping application, tracks traffic behaviors , driving pitfalls, and police barriers. Users can also import phone contacts and transmit their ETA to the person waiting for them.
  • Feedly.- Web-based reader app Feedly is yet another cool app to join Google Now integrations. Among the leading readers for former Google Reader clients, Feedly is an RSS reader that gives users one organized place to aggregate their preferred site sources and online stories. With this Google Now card, users can keep up-to-date with trending online content.

 These are just six of the most apps used in Google Now cards. Take the time to explore some more Google Now cards for a better and easier work management.






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