Ways to Protect Your Smartphone from the Scorching Heat

Smartphones, tablets, and other gadgets neglected in the heat can all suffer badly. The internal parts of the phone can be damaged, triggering loss of data, useless batteries , and in some instances the lithium battery will trickle, or even bubble up until it expands or explodes. Besides this being harmful to the device, this can be dangerous to the owner too, as surprise explosions bring nothing but disaster. Fortunately, a great deal of new phones these days have a caution warning on screen to let owner know before the disaster actually happens.

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Temperature changes and extremes can in fact have an effect on a smartphone’s features and functions. Protecting the phone from temperature changes is essential for the gadget’s overall health. As the scorching heat of summer is felt in many parts of the world today, it’s time to consider what protection an owner can apply to their gadgets in order to ensure the safety of the smarthphone even duringthe extreme heat. 

Ways to Keep the Smartphone Cool Safe

  • Refrain from leaving the phone inside the car. Heat springs up quicker inside a closed up vehicle.
  • Turn the device off to rest the device when the caution warning appears. If there´s a need for the device to be turned off and the weather is scorching, turn off any unnecessary apps to create a breathing room for the battery.
  • Avoid putting all devices in one place or container. Carrying around an iPad, iPhone, and another Android phone in one bag is not advisable. Having them all alongside one another is likely to producemore heat that just a single phone. Try to keep them separately to provide maximum ventilation for each gadget.
  • Don’t rush the cooling process. When the smartphones overheats. the knee-jerk reactions is to place it in the coldest place available. However, this creates condensation that may get trapped inside the gadget that may eventually trigger a water damage.

What to Do When the Smartphone Overheats

If the smartphone does overheat , don’t touch it because it can actually burn you. With the use of protective hand gear,put it in a place that’s not too cold but cool enough to reduce the heat. However, if the battery leaks, avoid touching the phone until it cools down. If there’s a battery leakage , it can be quite difficult to guarantee that no other  parts of the smartphone are damaged. Instead of doing a DIY cleaning project after it cooled down , seek the help of a professional to check the condition of the phone.

With the countless shops that sell cell phone accessories, surprisingly, there are not a lot of heat resistant smartphone cases available. It’ll take considerable shopping research to find a quality heat-resistant case to use for the smartphone. The best thing to do is to just ensure that the phone’s battery isn´t heatting up. Also make sure to turn off programs and apps that aren’t needed. Proper mobile use and precautionary methods go a long way to ensure that the smartphone stays cool even with the scorching summer heat.



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