Five of Spotify’s Best Features Unveiled

Spotify has been revamped, making an already spectacular app even more addicting. This cool new look to Spotify has sparked a whole lot more rumors about what their goals truly are. Is it trying to encourage the battle with Apple as the latter makes a play for direct competition with Apple Music?

As for Spotify, there is no doubt at all that it has continued to serve its purpose well since it was first launched in 2008. Knowing that they have slowly been winning the hearts not only of the consumers, but of huge marketing partners like Nike and Starbucks. And yes, as if to add insult to injury, both brands used to be among Apple’s biggest allies.

What makes Spotify all that when it comes to music streaming? Here are five of its best features that makes it no wonder at all why it’s dominating the music scene.

  • Using playlists as a new form of radio. Where people used to tune in to specific radio stations because of the genre and format that they promote, Spotify brings the same service to its users by tracking their listening activity and creating playlists that group songs of the same type together. Gone are the days when using music apps meant having to search for individual songs or artists just to find what you need. Now, you can listen to one song after another automatically, and you can bet that each song matches your taste.
  • Matching beats according to a person’s pace. You know how you would often have a specific beat in mind and suddenly notice that you’re walking or jogging at around the same pace as that beat? Well Spotify has turned things around. Now, it matches the beat of the songs it recommends according to your pace. This makes it perfect for Smart Watch wearing folk whose main reason for wearing them (aside from being fashionable) is keeping track of their body’s numbers as they work out.
  • Easy navigation through the entire interface. Especially with the new streamlined design, anybody can breeze through the entire interface regardless of whether you’ve had experience using similar aps or not. And yes, Spotify has made everything black. This is because of research that says that users often want to be immersed in their music, something that bright lights and colors take out of the experience. Spotify’s solution? Take that brightness away and go straight to basic black.
  • Faster music organization. Although there was a time when Spotify mixed in your own music with the rest of your playlists, it has finally realized that this only resulted in clutter. Now, Spotify allows users to separate their favorite playlists and their own music collection, making it amazingly easy to find songs they want to listen to right here, right now.
  • Suggests music based on the time and mood. Sure, other apps like Songza have done this way before Spotify thought about it. But now that Spotify has added the feature, it has become an even stronger package than before. Spotify now suggests music not only based on your preferences (which is based on your listening history), but also according to the time and day. This makes it spot on when it suggests slow down music at night, or laid back tunes on a lazy Sunday morning.

Still doubtful about why Spotify is dominating? Better run to stores that sell electronics, get the latest gadget that they have, and try the app out to experience it firsthand.


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