4 Coolest Ways to Use Google Now

Anyone who would use and sell electronics has some sort of a digital assistant on their phones to make daily tasks become more manageable. For Android users, using Google Now makes all the difference in managing everyday tasks. Google Now is one of the most effective and smart personal digital assistants out there. But a majority of users only thinks Google Now is just great for web queries and setting up reminders and tasks. Little did they know that Google Now has a great deal more useful tricks up its sleeve that can make life a lot easier. Here are four cooler ways to use Google Now.

  • Word Definition. This is a big plus for writers, editors, teachers, and any profession that has something to do with word creation. This is wonderful for readers, too. Instead of firing up the dictionary app, a user can simply ask Google Now to define a word for him. This can be done with the simple command of “Define (Word).” The (word) is the word or term to be defined. Once Google Now identifies the command, it will communicate back the word’s definition.
  • Toggle between Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. For users who want to conserve as much phone battery as possible, turning the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on and off through the day is a normal occurrence. The great thing is that Google Now can make this process easier. Rather than going through all the steps – getting the device, unlocking it, going to the notification bar, and activating or deactivating the service, a user can simply command: “Okay Google Now, turn on Bluetooth.” It’s important to note that this only works if the user already has the “Okay Google Now” hotword established and has the phone set up on listening mode.
  • Calculation and Conversion. For users who use the calculator often and go online to make currency conversion, Google Now is here to the rescue. The digital assistant can both calculate and convert currency. If there’s a need to calculate anything, say 125 x 30, the user just needs to command: “Okay Google Now, 125 times 30.” Google Now will then recite the answer and open the calculator feature of the phone to display the input. The same step is used for converting currencies. For instance, the user needs to convert 100 Euros to USD. He can simply say: “Okay Google Now, 100 Euros in US Dollars.” The digital assistant will then report back the converted result.
  • Note to Self. This one is a phrase used by many, sometimes several times a day. Google Now can take those note-to-self notes using Google Keep or whatever application that is available on the phone to be able to take notes. The command here is simple. Just say, “Okay Google Now, note to self (note).” The (note) is the actual reminder that needs to be kept in mind. Google will then present a choice where the user must choose the app to use. Simply tap the app and then tick the box to save the note. Aside from these four cool tricks, Google Now has a lot more to offer. Explore it now to make daily life a lot easier and organized.

Cesar N

Blogger at Gadget Salvation since 2014. Technology enthusiast.