Everything You Need to Know About Android M

With the release of the Android Lollipop around a year ago, Android users everywhere have started becoming, restless as they anticipate what’s next. That’s why it’s about time that they finally announce the release of Android M Google’s latest mobile platform. It has taken Android Lollipop and gotten rid of all the bugs within it, ending up with a more seamless version.

The Android M was introduced at the Google IO 2015, but people seem to have noticed that the name isn’t as sweet as its predecessors. It has been called the Macadamia Nut Cookie within the walls of Google though, so it isn’t likely that we’ll be saying goodbye to those sweet treats anytime soon.

So what’s the huge difference? What makes the Android M better than the Android Lollipor? Here are a few things:

  • Native fingerprint support .- Fingerprint scanners are not exactly new in the smatphone industry, but Google is going to make it a standard feature across the entire platform. A standard API is going to be used, which means taht gadgets taht currently have fingerprint scanning abities like the Galaxy S6 will be able to use the same range of features as well.
  • Android Pay.- Their answer to the huge hype that the Apple Pay is building, it will automatically run without having to open any app. It basically uses a virtual card number taht you can use in making payments, leaving you with added protection because it means taht there’s no need to use your actual  card number when making payments . This is the perfect app to use alongside fingerprint verification as well , knowing that it’s going to make cach payment even more scure.
  • Better battery life.- This is definitely great news, knowing that every single modern system released would always receive complaints about poor battery life. With its new feature called Doze , it allows users to save up on that precious battery life.Doze basically puts your device and all other apps into a state taht makes it almost as good as turned off as it notices how idle your phone has been. Finally , something that would make Android gadgets last twice as long!
  • Faster charging.- It looks like Google is definitely addressing every single battery issue that Android users have as it starts supporting USB-C . This will definitely make charging a whole lot faster. And as an added bonus, it would also allow your Android phone to charge other devices.
  •  App permissions system.- Users will be given the chance to deny or approve security permissions on a case-to-case basis. Instead of asking for permissions the moment you install something , it will instead ask fo permissions when you use specific features.

Sounds interesting so far? Then you’d have to sit tight and wait for now. It is most likely going to be released in the 3 rd quarted of this year , so there’s still a lot of time for consumers before they have to run and sell iPhone units to try transitioning into the new Android.

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