Top 5 Most Beautiful Smartphones in the World

It’s amazing how many smartphones are out in the market right now. But although the more recent releases boast of better features than the older ones,it definitely does not mean that they are better. When it comes to design, not all smartphones are created equal, and just because it’s newer does make it more fashionable either. The same things hold true for the brand . Who says that it has to come from the brands that are dominating the entire industry just so they can be called fashionable?

Need proof about all this? Check out some of the most beautiful smartphones in the world and see if you agree with us:

  • LG G4. You would have to admit that the leather backside on the flagship G4 is so sleek and fashionable that it made you want to try it out yourself. Ever better is the fact that it comes in different trendy colors, allowing you to match your chosen phone with your personality. Yes, tt’s a bold move for LG in terms od fesign, but the risks were definitely worth it. 

  • iPhone 5.  Apple definitely took their sweet time in coming up with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, and for a very good reason. No matter how you look at it,  the iPhone 5 still looks sleeker and more elegant than its newer counterpart , something that Apple may have a hard time replicating even as they come up with other designs.
  • Xiaomi Mi3. Xiaomi is extremely popular in China , which comes as no surprise the moment you see the phones they manufacture. Take the Mi3 , for instance. Using magnesium, it leaves a tasteful impression that borders on trendy and minimalist.It looks very high end indeed. despite the fact  that it’s only worth a fraction of the price that more popular brands usually sell for.
  • Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. Samsund definitely look a lot of risks whwn they designed the Edge , but it was all worth it. Finally, Samsung has a more high-end look that they could pit against the best of Apple’s releases. Where Samsung has always been knpwn for their limsy an rather cheap-looking material, they have finally succumbed to the needs of the elite market with this curvy masterpiece.
  • HTC One M8. It sure is a bummer that HTC  still has not created a good impression when it comes to performance. especially when you look at the quality of the cameras on their phone. In terms of design, they have it all! Take the M8, for example. Its beautiful curves are definitely very calssy, showing that they at least have the design department down part.

 Would you agree that these phones are truly beautiful? If you’re holding a smartphone other the ones on this list, you just may find yourself trying to find out how to sell electronics as you feel the urge to get rid of your current phone and get one of the beauties on this list grow even stronger.









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