10 Things Siri Can Do That You’re Probably Not Aware Of

Among the most impressive features of the sophisticated technology we have today is voice command technology. Possibly the most identified voice-controlled digital assistant is Siri by Apple. This digital assistant keeps detting smarter every iOS update. Here are ten things Siri can do that you’re probably not aware of.


Access Settings
Siri can easily access your iPhone or iPad’s setting panel by simply asking it to open a specific setting. All you have to do is say the command. For instance,”Open sounds”.

Get Smarter
Siri isn’t perfect, but you make it better and smarter. Help Siri hear you better by correcting its mistakes. When Siri underlines a word that it’s unsure of, either offer an alternative word or enunciate the word better.

Change The Message
Again, it’ll take a bit of time for Siri to become more sensitive to your pronunciation. If you’re dictating something and it misunderstands you, simply command “change it”. “What Siri will do is instantaneously go back to the previous prompt so you’ll be able to reenter the message once more.

Post a Facebook or Twitter Upadte.
You don’t need to compare a long facebook post or a sharp, witty tweet using your hands. Siri makes updating your social media accounts easier by commanding it to “Post to Facebook” or ” Post to Twitter” , Just dictate what your message is, check it accuaracy, then it’s good to go.

Look For Specific Tweets
If you need to find a specific tweet from someone you may of may not be following, you can easily cut your research time by using Siri. Just ask it to “Search Twitter for (username of the person or the subject of the tweet) ” Siri will then present you a list of relevant Twitter users and post for you to go through.

Save Evernote Files
If you use Evernote on your iPhone or iPad, you can save an Evernote file without the need to unlock your gadget. Make sure you add your Evernote address to your phone contacts so you can directly send an email to your account when you’re miltitasking or too busy to type.

Read Messages
Note that this particular trick only works if you have activated the” Hey Siri” feature. Whenever your device is plugged in or you’re doing something else , you can ask Siri to read the message-text, email , or even voice mail-for you.

Do Math Problems
Siri is smart enough to solve basic math problems AND calculate complex ones. You can try this by asking. ” What is (specific Math question)? This feature is especially helpful when you’re dining out and calculating the bill and acceptable tip.

Configure Measurements
If Siri can do complex Math problems, it can definitely convert measurements with ease. It doesn’t only convert one unit to another for you, it also presents additional conversion information that you may find interesting or helpful.

Answer MORE Questions
If you’re not sure how to operate Siri or what else you can do with it, simply say. “What can I ask? Siri will present you with ansers that are arranged by categories.

Ask any of the shops that sell iOhone accessories and units and they’ll tell you that Siri isn’t perfect. However, with a little effort from you, it can definitely be a smart and time-saving tool to have around.

Cesar N

Blogger at Gadget Salvation since 2014. Technology enthusiast.