The First Apple Watch Update

For those who went ahead of everybody in running to the favorite stores that sell electronics to get their Apple Watches,the first update has finally arrived. Of course , for any smartphone user, updates are always big news. Some jump right in and install the update the moment word about it gets out,while some would rather be a little bit more careful and wait until other people have tried it and have said that it’s worth it. In the case of Apple watch, will the update bring significant changes to the way the device works? Is it something that’s worth all the trouble, or would users be better of with the original Watch OS for now?

A pain to Install
Just Like a lot o iOS updates that you’ve applied to your iPhone updating to the new version of the Watch OS can also be quite a pain to complete. First, look back at your old iPhone , the ones that ran on iOS 5, more specifically . If memory serves us right,this series required users to have their iPhones plugged into their computers, as the update had to be done through iTunes every single time. Zoom back into the present, where you are probably now running iOS 8 on a much newer iPhone, and you are now able to update your iOS without the need to use a cable. You can now do an over-the-air (OTA) update simply by connecting to a Wi-Fi network.
As for the Apple Watch, it basically asks you to go back to the iOS 5 days when you still needed a cable just to get the update going. No, there’s no need to connect it to a computer or to anothe device. However, it does require you to have the device plugged into its charger no matter how much battery life your watch has left. And yes, the update requires your Apple Watch to have at leats 50% battery life before it starts the update .

What´s With the Update?
There’s no need to start wringing your hands in despair yet, no matter how incovenient the update seems to be. The update is actually something that you could probably put off for now, because it doesn’t really add anything life-changing to your watch’s functions.
What does it include? Just a few performance improvements for the fitness monitoring features and for Siri. There are also a few bug fixes, so you would probably need the update of you were one of those people who noticed something amiss with the way their watches worked.
There are also new emojis to be introduced with the update, as well as support for additionallanguages which include Portuguese, Brazilian, Danish , Russian , Dutch, Thai , Swedis and Turkish.
Do you think these additional features are things that you couldn’t live without? If they’re not , then it’s better to just wait for the next update. Who knows? By then, Apple would have probably thought of an easier and more convenient way for users to install the updates.

Cesar N

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