Facebook Moments:Facts about This New Standalone App

You attended a fun event with your friends and everyone took hundreds of photos, with promises od sending the best pictures the following day. The next day, nothing happens. The day after that, you still see no new photos in your inbox, Sounds familiar?
Part of the reason behind this broken promise has a lot to do with the time it takrs to send photos, particularly those that are in HD format. Even those who sell electronics will tell you that it takes quite a while to upload, edit, save, and send quality photos. Luckily , Facebook just presented a new standalone app to fix this dilemma. Since everyone is practically on Facebook and share photod, the most recognized social media platform decided to use its advanced facial recognition software to create Moments.

Facebook Moments 101
Facebook Moments is a private sharing app for your pictures. It functions on its own , so you don’t have to sharethe images with every Facebook friend you have unless you want to. This ebables you to just select a specific user or group to share your photos with.
As soon as the app is installed , moments will promptly scan the images in your camera roll and organize them into collection. The app can group images by location and event. It can also set the grouping by specific people or groups. It applies Facebook’s advanced facial recognition technology to match the people showcased in your images with those on your FB friens list. Once a match is made , Moments will prompt you to synchronize appropriate photos where matched friends are included. Afterwards ,you simply decide which pictures you would like to share. Click the “Sync” button and those matched connections will receive an alert notifying them about the images you’d like to share. This then turns into a collection where your selected friends can also share their own photos and sync them within the same collection.
Note that if your Facebook friends already have the Moments app, her or she will receive an in-app notification about the images you’d like to share. Otherwise , the user wil be alerted via Messenger. The notification will state that they have pending photos to be viewd using Moments Vs Photos.
In a lot of ways, Facebook Moments is quite paralled with the Google Photos app. Both use photo recognition software to group and put the images into the categories. The main difference though is their respective bebefits. Google Photos is more of a storage app for pictures while Moments primarily makes sharing photos a lot faster and easier.Moments doesn’t necessarily store the images on Facebook, unless the images have been synced with another user.
Sharing Moments
Will Ruben is the product manager in charge of Moments. He noted that the main goal of the app is to create a private image-sharing venue for Facebook users. And because it’s private, only the specific people that you want to share the photos with can view the images, making it a more intimate and special space , thus creating “moments”.

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